Going Interstellar!

Amazing news! This year, I’m on track for achieving something I never thought possible. I’m GOING TO THE MOON! ✨?‍??? (Kind of, sort of… figuratively speaking) Basically, due to Dr. Susan Kaye Quinn’s very cool ‘Writers on the Moon Initiative’, 150+ authors will be sending up their digital books as part of Astrobotic’s Mission 1 payload this June. The payload itself is comprised of “resource development, scientific investigation, technology demonstration, exploration, marketing, arts, and entertainment” from 8 different countries. And thanks to the wonderful Patrice Fitzgerald that will include the entire BEYOND THE STARS – Space Opera Anthology Series – and every contributor therein. Volumes 6 & 7 contain my space opera short stories ‘Imperatrix’ and ‘Imperatrix, Redux’ – which are not only ‘on theme’ for this venture but are personal favourite works. So I’m absolutely, nerdily, thrilled! They will be delivered by the Peregrine Lunar Lander to Lacus Mortis (the Lake of Death) on the Northern near-face (yes, I looked it up). It’s set for launch in June, and scheduled to land in July (although the timing of this is subject to change). There’s more information in the links below. Some of you have already heard about this project, I know some of you are on board too *waves*. I can’t wait to join you guys in space! Does this make us the first authors to be extra-terrestrially published? #writersonthemoon

Articles of interest: Astrobotics, About the Peregrine Lander, and an article at Sky & Telescope.