June 2017

I WON! Woohoo! My short story, Curiosus Cattus, won FIRST PLACE in the Northwich LitFest’s Short Story Competition…

There were a lot of great entries read out so I was quite surprised – and very happy! I got to read it out too. 🙂 Big thanks to the judges Vivien Roberts and Susi Osborne (author of Secrets, Lies & Butterflies). Some of the £50 prize money went on treats for the cats at the rescue where I volunteer, the rest has gone into the new computer fund – my old, yet trustworthy, one is being held together by tape. A week later I also found this month’s edition of Ourtown Magazine in a local petrol station. It includes an announcement about my story winning the LitFest. The story itself is going to appear in next month’s issue. Eee! Can’t wait to see it. Last time this publication took a story they illustrated it so… fingers crossed!

In other news, a contributor copy came in the mail today! Always a great to start the day with. 🙂 The May issue of FrostFire Worlds includes my story, Boon of a Faery Queen. It’s out now, available from the publisher, Alban Lake, and Amazon.