May 2017

Photo Credit: Alban Lake Publishing

Three pieces of news this month. Firstly, my fantasy short, Boon of a Faery Queen, is now out in the May issue of FrostFire Worlds by Alban Lake Publishing. Lovely cover art too. Secondly, my novel-in-progress, Clockwork Evangeline, gained an Honourable Mention for the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Working Class Writers’ Grant 2016 – this is the second year in a row it’s reached this high! So I’m very pleased. And thirdly… last month I entered the Annual Northwich LitFest Short Story Competition, and now I’ve been invited by the judges to read out my entry at the LitFest Storytime in Costa, where the winner will be announced… I’ve probably not won, but it’s nice to be asked and it looks like a fun night out. 🙂 Going to try out my public speaking voice, cue nerves.