Yearly Summary 2017

I’ve only been writing for a few years so I’m not as prolific as many, that being said, despite a few bumps, this has been my most successful writing year so far! I’ve also read some fantastic fiction published by friends that has blown me away. All the best for 2018, everyone!

Short stories/chapters written: 42
Acceptances: 12
Rejections: 112



  • ‘Endless Nuptials’ in Ourtown Magazine, February.
  • ‘Weave Us A Way’ in Stratford-Upon-Avon LitFest Antho, April.
  • ‘Boon of a Faery Queen’ in FrostFire Worlds, May.
  • ‘Curiosus Cattus’ in Ourtown Magazine, July.
  • ‘It Wasn’t There Yesterday’ in Great Eighty Challenge, August.
  • ‘The Devil You Know’ in Dark Luminous Wings, October.
  • ‘Echo the Damned’ in Pirates & Ghosts, November.
  • ‘Spring Heeled Jack: The Terror of London’ in Dragon Roost Press’s crytpid anthology, due 2018
  • ‘Loving Rose’ in Her Dark Voice Vol.2, due 2018.
  • ‘The Spark’ in Her Dark Voice Vol.2, due 2018.
  • ‘Imagine Dragons’ (poem) in FrostFire Worlds, due 2018.
  • ‘Call of the Kinguyakkii’ in Beyond Steampunk, due 2018.


  • ‘Weave Us A Way’ Honourable Mention in Felix Dennis Short Story Competition, Stratford-Upon-Avon Litfest.
  • ‘Clockwork Evangeline’ Honourable Mention for Speculative Literature Foundation’s Working Class Writers Grant.
  • ‘Curiosus Cattus’ WON Northwich LitFest Short Story Competition.
  • ‘It Wasn’t There Yesterday’ WON Great Eighty Challenge.
  • ‘Clockwork Evangeline’ Top Ten Finalist in Ink & Insights Novel Award 2017.
  • ‘Clockwork Evangeline’ Judges’ Favourite in Ink & Insights Novel Award 2017.