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Short Stories

Things With Feathers: Stories of Hope

Is there hope for us all? Emily Dickinson’s poem, “Hope,” described it as “a thing with feathers.” Third Flatiron Anthologies’ latest collection of short science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories touches on the theme of hope, whether it’s about taking flight filled with optimism for the future, venturing outside one’s comfort zone, taking outsize risks in order to succeed, or finding it dashed on the rocks. Twenty-four authors give their entertaining takes on the subject, including Nemma Wollenfang, Emily Dauvin, Paula Hammond, Barton Paul Levenson, Sharon Diane King, Cayce Osborne, P.A. Cornell, Arthur Carey, David Cleden, F. T. Berner, Raluca Balasa, Melissa Mead, Nicholas Stillman, Shannon Brady, Bonnie McCune, Brian Rappatta, Bruce Arthurs, Alicia Cay, Danielle Mullen, E. J. Delaney, Wulf Moon, Art Lasky, James Dorr, and Gerri Leen. Edited by Juliana Rew.

Includes steampunk-esque fantasy story, Dream Eater, which gained a Silver Honorable Mention in Ron L. Hubbard’s Writers of the Future. Published by Third Flatiron.

Love Letters to Poe, Volume 1: A Toast to Edgar Allan Poe

Love Edgar Allan Poe and want more? Explore new gothic stories and poems inspired by Poe in this haunting, award-nominated anthology. Take a tour through Poe’s Baltimore home, experience “The Tell-Tale Heart” through the old man’s eyes, go corporate at Raven Corp., witness “The Fall of the House of Usher” from the perspective of a hidden Usher sibling, and much more. Don’t miss the award-nominated stories “The Heart of Alderman Kane” by Eleanor Sciolistein and “Midnight Rider” by Melanie Cossey, 2021 nominees for Poe Baltimore’s Saturday ‘Visiter’ Awards. Curl up with Love Letters to Poe and enjoy these haunting tales!

Includes historical supernatural drabble, Routes Best Left Untaken. Reprint.

Martian (Book 1)

Martian is a magazine of science fiction drabbles, stories told in exactly 100 words. Each quarter, we’ll bring you twenty-seven new, evocative science fiction micros from new and award-winning authors. Our first issue features stories from Rich Larson, D.A. Xiaolin Spires, Lora Gray, Lettie Prell, Steve Rasnic Tem, Holly Schofield, Wendy Nikel, and many other writers from around the globe.

Includes science fiction drabble, What If?

Beyond the Stars: Across the Universe

BEYOND THE STARS: Across the Universe includes eight stunning new tales from well-known authors and fresh voices. This is the eighth in the prestigious BEYOND THE STARS space opera anthology series, and inside are intrigue and passion, aliens, battles, and a bit of intergalactic romance. Join these authors who will take you… across the universe!

Includes space opera novelette, Imperatrix, Tertius. Third in the Imperatrix series. This reached #1 on the Amazon Bestseller List for New Releases.

It Gets Even Better: Stories of Queer Possibility

These stories are about identity, relationships, and community. They’re about hope, acceptance, affirmation, and joy. And most of all, in a time when uncertainty feels inescapable and overwhelming, they’re about taking one another by the hand and choosing together to embrace the unknown. The possibilities are endless. This anthology is full of uplifting, affirming short stories about queer possibility by an outstanding lineup of speculative fiction authors including Charlie Jane Anders, Zen Cho, Amy Griswold, Nibedita Sen, Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, and S.L. Huang.

Includes fantasy short story, Weave Us A Way. Reprint.

Cootie Shot Required: There are Things You Must Know

Stories of the wondrous and secret lives of kids from

Anya Martin • Eden Royce • Nemma Wollenfang • Premee Mohamed • Laurie Tom • DaVaun Sanders • Abie Ekenezar • Clinton J. Boomer • Brian Hugenbruch • Haralambi Markov • Ada Hoffmann • Malon Edwards • Eliza Chan • Damien Angelica Walters

So you know, strange kids doing strange things, the secret goings-on of youth. There’s some monster hunting, rewriting of reality, fighting with parents, a secret mystical fighting tournament, getting lost in the mall, drifting through space, avenging a bird mama’s lost egg, building a dragon . . . the usual.

The kids are all weird. And we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Includes contemporary horror short story, Matchbox Daemons. Published by Broken Eye Books.

Love Letters to Poe, July Issue 2021

Includes historical supernatural drabble, Routes Best Left Untaken. Read for free, plus interview with the author.

DreamForge Magazine Issue 7: Hope of the Dreamer

Includes contemporary fantasy flash fiction, The Wishbone.

Christmas is in the Air

A Chicken Soup for the Soul collection. Prepare to be inspired by these tales of giving, gratitude, and kindness. You’ll also pick up some creative ways to make your own holidays even more special, with new plans for family fun, gift ideas, and activities. These 101 true personal stories are filled with the cheer of the season. They’ll leave you smiling and eager to share the joy of the holidays, from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas and New Year’s. We didn’t forget the kids either. All the stories in this collection are “Santa safe,” meaning they keep the magic alive even for precocious readers. And your purchase will support Toys for Tots as well, creating miracles for children all over the U.S. 25¢ per book sold will go to Toys for Tots.

Includes non-fiction short story, Christmas, Censored.

Beyond the Stars: Infinite Expanse

Eleven stunning new tales from well-known authors and fresh voices. This is the seventh in the prestigious BEYOND THE STARS space opera anthology series, and inside are intrigue and passion, aliens, battles, and a bit of intergalactic romance. Join these authors who are exploring the… Infinite Expanse! BEYOND THE STARS: Infinite Expanse includes these short stories:

* Precious Cargo (C.H. Hung)
* Antecedent (R. A. Steffan)
* Chrysalis (G. S. Jennsen)
* Imperatrix, Redux (Nemma Wollenfang)
* Mirage and Shadow (R.K. Thorne)
* Coffin Rider (James Rossiter)
* Oresa (R.J. Howell)
* Malfunction (Jack Lyster)
* Enemy Within (J.M. Thomas)
* For Your Eyes Only (Ethan Freckleton)
* Terminal Candidate (David Bruns)

Footsteps in the Dark Short Stories

Dedicated to that ominous strain of horror that sends a shiver down your spine, this selection of masterful tales gathers the weird and wonderful from a rich tradition of genre writing. The sound of a sinister tread in an apparently abandoned house; mysterious crimes committed in the dead of night; a glimpse of a monstrous apparition through the murky gloom: all find their home here. This latest anthology in the popular series of Gothic Fantasy collections features new stories by contemporary authors alongside classic tales by E.T.A. Hoffmann, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edith Nesbit, Sheridan Le Fanu, Hugh Walpole, Amyas Northcote, Ralph Adams Cram, Harriet Prescott Spofford, Edith Wharton, M.R. James, E.F. Benson (and more).

Includes original horror story, You Think You Are Safe.

Contributors:  Emily Alder,  Ramsey CampbellP.G. GalalisJ.J. GallivanAli HabashiMaria HaskinsS.R. MastersDamien MckeatingJohn MoraleeAeryn RudelDavid SchmidtCody SchroederShana ScottAnna TaborskaD.A. WatsonNemma WollenfangAnna Ziegelhof 

‘We Without Names’ in Flame Tree’s July Newsletter, July 2020.

Cossmass Infinities, Issue 2

An anthology magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories. Second issue.

* “Chains of Mud and Salt” by Evan Dicken
* “Rag and Bone, Scrap and Sinew” by Jonathan Laidlow
* “The Djinn of Titan’s Dunes” by Deborah L. Davitt
* “The Hard Quarry” by Caleb Huitt
* “We’re Alone in This Together” by Donald Norum
* “A Study of Mesozoic ‘Schistosoma’ of the Late Cretaceous Period and their Abundance in Large Theropods” by Nemma Wollenfang
* “Batteries For Your Doombot5000 Are Not Included” by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor
* “Illicit Alchemy” by Eric Lewis

Includes science fiction short story, A Study of Mesozoic ‘Schistosoma’ of the Late Cretaceous Period and their Abundance in Large Theropods.

Abyss & Apex: Issue 73

A Hugo-nominated Magazine of Speculative Fiction. Includes humorous Science Fiction Flash piece, ‘Lot No. #024: Intergalactic Death Ray’.

Epic Fantasy Short Stories

George R.R. Martin drew on Tolkien, who was inspired by William Morris, Medieval epics, and Norse mythology. This new collection of epic fantasy tales explores the classic themes of good vs evil, the low-born hero, and the arrogant overlord, and laced them with a taste of sorcery that reaches back to the early sources, and stirs them in with the brand new storytellers of today.  This new title in our successful Gothic Fantasy Short Stories collection contains a fabulous mix of classic and brand new writing, with contemporary authors from the US, Canada, and the UK.

Includes fantasy reprint, ‘Weave Us A Way’ which was Highly Commended in the Felix Dennis Creative Writing Competition 2017 during the Stratford Upon Avon Literary Festival.

Beyond the Stars: Rocking Space

Thirteen brand new tales from fantastic writers–both bestselling and freshly discovered–in this seventh collection from the BEYOND THE STARS series of space opera anthologies.

Join these authors who are deep into… Rocking Space!

BEYOND THE STARS: Rocking Space includes these short stories:

* One Last Gig (Cain V. Hopwood)
* Camp Kids (Patrice Fitzgerald)
* First Contract (Julia Huni)
* Destroy Is My Favorite Part (David Bruns)
* Chocolate (Andy McKell)
* Unfair Advantage (Misty Zaugg)
* The Switcheroo (Christopher J. Valin)
* Juno Triumphant (Patty Jansen)
* I Said Flamenco (J.M. Thomas)
* Curiosity (R.J. Howell)
* Imperatrix (Nemma Wollenfang)
* The Original Sacrifice (A.K. DuBoff)
* Wily and Tate (Patricia Gilliam)

American Gothic Short Stories

With handsome young men who never grow old, and the strangest of relatives appearing from dark corridors and long shadows, the frenzied imagination of the American Gothic is a fertile theme for this next anthology in the Gothic fantasy short story series.

As with other titles in the series, new short fiction complements the work of classic authors including: Gertrude Atherton, Ambrose Bierce, Charles Brockden Brown, George Washington Cable, Charles W. Chesnutt, Kate Chopin, Ralph Adams Cram, Stephen Crane, Emma Dawson, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Ellen Glasgow, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Washington Irving, Shirley Jackson, Sarah Orne Jewett, Grace King, H.P. Lovecraft, Herman Melville, W.C. Morrow, Flannery O’Connor, Edgar Allan Poe, Annie Trumbull Slosson, Clark Ashton Smith, Harriet Prescott Spofford, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Edith Wharton, Madeline Yale Wynne.

Includes contemporary horror short story, The Hollow Tree.

Contributors: Monika Elbert, Terri Bruce, Ramsey Campbell, Maxx Fidalgo, Joshua Hiles, Russell James, Clayton Kroh, Sean Logan, Madison McSweeney, Lynette Mejía, Joe Nazare, Wendy Nikel, Christi Nogle, Lina Rather, M. Regan, Rebecca Ring, Mike Robinson, Lucy A. Snyder, Valerie B. Williams, Nemma Wollenfang

The Wonder of Christmas

A Chicken Soup for the Soul collection. Anyone who loves this joyous time of year will love these heartwarming and entertaining stories of family bonding, holiday hijinks, community spirit, and family and religious traditions. A fantastic holiday gift and a great way to start the season!Christmas is a merry and joyful time of year, full of family, friends, and traditions. You’ll delight in reading these 101 holiday tales of inspiration, love, and wonder. Many will make you laugh out loud; others will make you tear up a little. And all the stories are “Santa safe” so they can keep the magic alive for the whole family! Publisher and editor: Amy Newmark

Includes, non fiction short story ‘Solved’. And it’s official book trailer can be seen here.

Robots & Artificial Intelligence

The promise and the threat of technology, of humankind replaced by its own mechanical creation has long enticed the SF and fantasy imagination. This fabulous mix of new and established writing brings together the top talents of today with the likes of Jerome K. Jerome, E.T.A. Hoffman, L. Frank Baum and Ambrose Bierce.

Includes Science Fiction Romance Short Story, ‘GOD is in the Rain’ (revised reprint).

Contributors:  Luke Dormehl, Roan Clay, George Cotronis, Deborah Davitt, Jeff Deck, Christopher Geeson, Bruce Golden, Rob Hartzell, Nathaniel Hosford, Rachael K. Jones, Rich Larson, Monte Lin, Trixie Nisbet, Chloie Piveral, David Sklar, Claire Sorrenson, Sara Uckelman, Holly Walrath, Nemma Wollenfang, Eleanor R. Wood

Finding Jamie Fraser – an article on the DIY Outlander Tour I designed, booked and embarked on, Sept 2018. Covering many of the sites standard tours miss. Published on Just About Travel.

Dark Voices

Dark Voices is a Lycan Valley Charity Anthology — 100% of profits will go to benefit breast cancer non-profit organizations. Voices are meant to be heard. Darkness amplifies sound. And Dark Voices cannot be silenced. You won’t find pages filled with sunshine and lollipops or rose glass filtered landscapes. Instead, gloom and evil lurks, monsters and despair prevail. As you read these 38 women of horror, sci-fi and dark fiction, their voices will linger in your mind and infiltrate your soul. Their voices are loud. Their voices are strong. Their voices are dark.

Includes contemporary horror short story ‘Loving Rose’.

Voices include: Theresa Derwin (Introduction), Christa Carmen, Michelle Scalise, Linda D. Addison, Diane Arrelle, Sara Dobie Bauer, Charlotte Bond, Chesya Burke, Lynn M. Cochrane, Ruschelle Dillon, Pauline E. Dungate, Amber Fallon, Cara Fox, Charlie Hannah, Penny Jones, Reen Jones, Calypso Kane, Kitty Kane, Nancy Kilpatrick, Laura Mauro, Keris McDonald, Helen Mihajlovic, Christine Morgan, Billie Sue Mosiman, Frankline E. Wales, Anne Nicholls, Marie O’Regan, Hayley Orgill, N.O.A. Rawle, Eden Royce, E.F. Schraeder, Angela Slatter, Kristal Stittle, K.D. Thomas, Angeline Trevena, Nemma Wollenfang, Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi

Hidden Menagerie Vol. 1

Cryptozoology — “the study of hidden animals” The search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated Menagerie: a strange or diverse collection of people or things. Welcome to the Hidden Menagerie — a collection of short fiction involving various cryptozoological creatures. In this volume you will meet the beasts of the air, sea, and animate vegetation. Inside these pages you will be introduced to new visions of some creatures you are familiar with like the Kraken, Mermaids, and Lake Monsters, creatures long thought extinct which live on to this day, and others you may have never heard of. This volume contains 17 stories by some of the best dark speculative fiction writers working today. A portion of the proceeds from all sales of Hidden Menagerie Vol 1 benefits the Lost Day Dog Rescue Organization.

Includes dark historical short story, ‘Springheeled Jack: The Terror of London’.

Contributors, Vol. 1: Michael Cieslak (Editor), Sarah Hans, Frances Pauli, Joette M. Rozanski, Zachary Finn, Samantha Rich, Adam Millard, Lauren E. Reynolds, Dale L. Sproule, Lynn Rushlau, Erik Goldsmith, Sarah Doebereiner, Michael Penncavage, Nemma Wollenfang, Paul Stansfield, Matt Hayward, Jaleta Clegg, J.G. Faherty, A. Collingwood.

Beyond Steampunk

What if Adam and Eve weren’t a metaphor? What destroyed the Atlantis of the Sands? Was Stalin one of the undead? Stories of fantasy and science fiction await you. Explore the alternate history beyond Victorian England. Go beyond steampunk.

Includes fantasy flash story, ‘Call of the Kinguyakkii’.

Contributors: Joseph Cadotte (Editor), Elizabeth Kidder (Editor), Alex Shvartsman, Caroline Sciriha, Nemma Wollenfang, Eugene L. Morgulis, Kelly A. Harmon, Russell HemmellStewart C Baker, Anne E. Johnson, Daniel M. Kimmel, Patrick S. Baker, Caitlin Marceau, David M. Hoenig.

Beneath the Blue Bridge

A Vale Royal Writers’ Group anthology. Anthologies are wonderful, and this one is a classic. Prose, poetry, humour, tragedy, history, ghosts, even the odd touch of philosophy – if it’s dipping in you like, then start to dip, and jump about, and get caught up in a longer read. Or if you’re on a journey, say, read in a straight line, and be astonished by the variety; it’s like being on a rollercoaster. Some of these pieces, written by the multi-talented Vale Royal Writers Group who meet monthly in the historic Blue Cap pub, might even make you cry a little, while others could start arguments with your friends. But anything, they say, is better than boredom, and one thing I can promise you with this collection: that word is not an option! Jan Needle, novelist, TV writer, playwright.

Includes short stories: ‘Curiosus Cattus’, which first appeared in Ourtown Magazine, July 2017 issue, after winning Northwich LitFest 2017 Short Story Competition. And ‘Endless Nuptials’ which previously appeared in Ourtown Magazine’s February 2017 issue.

Pirates & Ghosts Short Stories 

A powerful new addition to the bestselling Gothic Fantasy series of new writing and classic stories. Buried treasure, greed and envy are powerful forces in the minds of many, but at sea the consequences can be terrifying and deadly. With tales of pirates, deathly fogs and ferocious rocks, these dark tales of the haunted mind, trapped like ghosts at sea, are sure to entertain and enthrall.

Includes dark historical short story, ‘Echo the Damned’.

Contributors: Christine van Antwerp, Erica Barnes, Brad Carson, Adrian Chamberlin, Margaret Collins, Denzell Cooper, Sophie François, Philip Brian HallJohn A. KarrJohn LeahyKathryn McMahonJacob MogerJennifer PoveyM. ReganJeremy TeGrotenhuisRuss ThorneA. WiseNemma Wollenfang,  Sam Gafford,

Dark Luminous Wings

From Icarus to Da Vinci to tomorrow’s astronauts, humans have dreamt of flight. Feathered wings. Mechanical wings. Leathery wings. Steel wings. Stories of winged creatures set in graveyards and churches, bustling cities, fantastical worlds, alternate histories, and outer space reveal the shifting nature of Dark Luminous Wings.

Take flight with 17 science fiction, dark fantasy, and horror-filled tales from an international roster of authors.

Includes dark historical fantasy story, ‘The Devil You Know’.

Ourtown Magazine (July2017 Issue)

Includes humour short story ‘Curiosus Cattus’ which won FIRST PLACE in Northwich Literary Festival 2017.






FrostFire Worlds (May 2017 Issue)

This quarterly magazine is devoted to science fiction and fantasy for younger readers, ages 8 to 80 or so. The stories focus on characters, on adventures, on folks coping with future developments or, in the case of fantasy, magical circumstances.

Includes fantasy short story ‘Boon of a Faery Queen’.

Contributors: Tyree CampbellRebecca Linam, Priya Sridhar, D.J. TyrerNemma Wollenfang, D. M. Recktenwalt, Christopher Mowder, Debby Feo,

Sharing Stories

Winners’ Anthology for the Stratford Upon Avon Literary Festival’s Felix Dennis Short Story Competition 2017. Theme: Sharing Stories. Short print run available in SUA Waterstones during the Festival.

Includes fantasy short story ‘Weave Us A Way’ which was Highly Commended in the competition.


Ourtown Magazine (February 2017)

Includes romance humour short story ‘Endless Nuptials’ for Valentines edition (reprint).






Love Under the Harvest Moon

Grab a cozy blanket and some hot cider, and curl up with five enchanting, seasonally themed tales highlighting the sweet side of harvest time romance.

Includes contemporary romance novelette, ‘Amidst the Strawberry Fields’.

ContributorsNemma WollenfangT.E. HoddenPatricia Crisafulli, Laura LamoreauxT.L. French, Claire Davon 

Murder Mayhem Short Stories

Following the great success of 2015’s Gothic Fantasy, deluxe edition short story compilations, Ghosts, Horror and Science Fiction, this latest in the series is packed with hard-boiled detectives, monsters, psychopaths and a high body count. Tales of death and destruction from classic authors are cast with previously unpublished stories by exciting contemporary hardcore crime writers.

Includes contemporary dark short story, ‘Fragments of Me’, which was previously longlisted in the Frome Festival Short Story competition 2014.

ContributorsChristopher Semtner, Sara Dobie Bauer, Michael CebulaCarolyn CharronJames DorrTim FoleyPatrick J. HurleyMichelle Ann King, Nemma Wollenfang 

Masked Hearts

What secrets do the Masked Hearts hold?

Dragons, elves and shifters abound in these five sweet, romantic fantasy tales. But, no matter the realm of origin or the race of the species, one theme resonates throughout. To find a love that’s lasting, one must be willing to take off the mask, and reveal their true heart.

Includes fantasy romance novelette, ‘Dragon Law’.

ContributorsDana Wright, Claire Davon, Sheryl Winters, Sharon Hughson, Nemma Wollenfang

Havok Magazine April 2016: Fairytales: Unfettered

Everyone loves a good Fairytale. Most of us grew up hearing them as bedtime stories, and now they’re back, better than ever, in movies and TV and books. And this issue of Havok is on board with that.

From the Old World to the New, from classics reworked to originals, Fairytales: Unfettered does not disappoint. There are stories that will make you shudder, stories that will make you smile, and everything in between, so curl up somewhere comfy and get ready to lose yourself in a world of magic where dreams come true… but sometimes they kill you.

Includes fantasy microfiction, ‘Diamond Cabbages’.

Contributors: Ben Wolf, Avily JeromeWill Wight, Kimberly Duffy, Dana Black, Jason Joyner, Susan Lyttek, Andrew WinchKristen Stieffel, Nemma Wollenfang

Romance Magazine Vol. 04 No. 02

 OUT OF PRINT. Includes contemporary romance short story ‘Paintbrushes in Paris’.

ContributorsLisa Marie Lopez, Shan Lee, Malebu Nkomo, Sherilyn DeNucci, Nemma Wollenfang,




A Bleak New World: A Dystopian Anthology

A Bleak New World is a superb anthology packed with ten fantastic stories of the future that didn’t turn out like humanity had hoped. Each of the authors paints a unique world filled with social issues, government satire, emotional choices, humorous encounters, and even an inanimate object that falls in love. Be prepared to travel across the galaxy, set foot on scorched earth, experience life as a synthetic, and what it’s like working for a government corporation.

Includes science fiction romance short story, ‘GOD is in the Rain’.

Contributors:  Sealey Andrews, Chris Galford, Andrew Lucas , Eileen Maksym, Gregory L. Norris, Brant Peery, Gerald Rick, Josh Schwartzkopf, Cathleen Townsend,  Nemma Wollenfang 

Science Fiction Short Stories 

A deluxe edition of super-charged, original and classic short stories. Dystopia, Post-Apocalypse, time travel, robots and more this brilliant collection brings together the best of today’s writers (many stories previously unpublished), with an eclectic range of science fiction masters including H. Rider Haggard, Stanley G. Weinbaum, Philip Frances Nowlan, Edward Page Mitchell and Jack London. An eclectic collection of SF adventure tales. Perfect as a gift, and for years of reading pleasure.

Includes steampunk short story, ‘Clockwork Evangeline’, which previously won first place in the Steampunk Style Short Story Competition 2014 run by Steampunk Journal, and publishd by Titan Books.

ContributorsAndy Sawyer, Edward Ahern, Stewart C. BakerKeyan Bowes , Beth Cato, Sarah HansRob HartzellAlexis A. Hunter , Rachael K. JonesJacob M. LambertAdrian LudensMike MorganKate O’ConnorConor Powers-SmithZach ShephardDavid Tallerman , Brian TrentPatrick TumbletyDonald Jacob UitvlugtM. Darusha WehmNemma Wollenfang 

Come into the House: Tales of secrets, history and mystery

OUT OF PRINT. A new short story anthology which celebrates the “secrets, history and mystery” of historic houses. An old woman sits on a bench with Dracula, opposite Bram Stoker’s house in Dublin. But her companion from Romania is not all he seems. Sarah is mesmerised by the trompe l’oeil at a modern art exhibition. But is it really a trick of the eye? An old country house is the setting for a locked room mystery in the grand tradition of the golden age of crime fiction. As a group of visitors are shown around a stately home there is one person who disagrees with the stories told by the tour guide. Hear the voice of the tiny spark at the baker’s house on Pudding Lane which grew to be the Great Fire of London in 1666. A young girl’s visit to elderly Miss Tyrell at the Grange reveals long-kept secrets. A brash couple have big plans for an old country pile. But the house has other ideas. A woman’s view of motherhood is affected by the tragedies that befall her and her family. Young Charlie can see his mother under the fig tree in their garden. But Charlie’s mother has died. A trip to the Bronte Parsonage leaves a woman questioning what is and isn’t real. These ten tales, inspired by or set in a historic house, are the winning entries of the Historic House short story competition run by Corazon Books in partnership with the Historic Houses Association. Stories to thrill, chill and entertain. Also includes a bonus extract of The Property of a Gentleman by Catherine Gaskin, set in a fictional earl’s ancestral home, in the dramatic landscape of England’s Lake District, and information about the Historic Houses Association and the historic house Levens Hall in Cumbria.

Includes dark historical short story, ‘The Spark’, which was Highly Commended in the Historical House Short Story Competition 2014.

Contributors: Kathryn Burke, Jan Halstead, Stephen Edwards, Jo Roberts, Nemma Wollenfang , Jasmina Svenne, James Rose, Elizabeth Hopkinson, Melanie WhipmanPauline Clooney


FrostFire Worlds: August 2018

This issue contains fantasy poem, ‘Imagine Dragons’. Editor: Karen Otto.






Mantid Magazine: Summer 2016 

This second issue includes dark poem, ‘Medusa’s Eyes’.

Contributors: Farah R. Smith, Anya Martin, Harley Easton, Anya Ow, Megan Arkenberg, Sandra T., O Cinneide, Shannen Shott,Priya Sridhar ,Alex Creese,Leah Bond ,Rekha Ambardar,Julie Benally ,E.E. Wilson Boget ,Maroula Blades ,L.S. Johnson ,Nemma Wollenfang, Saloni Kaul

Greek Fire

Greek Fire is a vivid, poetic retelling of the Greek myths. This book will take you on a fascinating journey back in time to uncover the stories of the gods, heroes, and monsters of ancient Greece.

Included in this book are some of the greatest stories ever told including the labours of Heracles, the tragedy of Medusa and the punishment of Sisyphus.

“Greek Fire is a superb retelling of the Greek myths for the modern audience.”

Includes Greek myth historical horror poem, ‘Actaeon’s Fall’.

Contributors: George Amabile, Lucile Barker, Lara Biyuts, Julia Bohm, Michael Daley, Sophie Dallaway, Caroline DeLuca, Philip Dodd, Kristyl Gravina,Andrew W. Hale, Pamela Herron, Indunil Madhusankha Bassa Hewayalage,Paul Holler,Audrey Howitt,Colette Inez,Brynna Jones,Kate Jones, Wendy Joseph, Laurie Kolp,Linda Kraus,Alicja Kuberska,Ron Lavalette,Stephanie Madan, Sheila Marlin, Joan McNerney,Ian Mole,Catherine Moore,Ceri Naz,Roseville Nidea,Crishela Padua, Akshaya Pawaskar,  Richard King Perkins II,Sureshika Piyasena,P.J. Reed,  Elisavietta Ritchie,Timothy L. Rodriguez,John Saunders,Shloka Shankar,Sunil Sharma, Raven Sisco,Grant Tarbard, Eleanor Watkins, Sofie Williams,  Heidi Willson,Nemma Wollenfang, Sally Zakariya, Fred Zirm