Beyond the Stars 2020!

This is one I’m absolutely thrilled about. My space opera short story, ‘Imperatrix, Redux’, is making its debut in Beyond the Stars: Infinite Expanse! The anthology has been released TODAY! And already it’s hit #1 on New Releases for SF Anthologies on Amazon! Eee! I’m beyond thrilled about this story being accepted. It’s a sequel to my story ‘Imperatrix’ which appeared in last year’s volume, Beyond the Stars: Rocking Space – and I know writers aren’t supposed to have favorites, but… 😉

Teaser: ‘After receiving an urgent communique, First Warrior Daire returns to the imperial capital of Yii to discover that Empress Ataraxia has been kidnapped by the Rin. Now he must lead a team on a covert mission to retrieve their sovereign.’

I already have my advance reader copy. I’m burning through it and immensely enjoying the work of my fellow contributors:  David BrunsEthan Freckleton, R.J. Howell, C.H. Hung, GS Jennsen, Jack Lyster, James Rossiter, R. A. Steffan, Jenny Thomas and Rebecca Thorne. You guys rock!

The series itself already has a lot of fantastic reviews (the below is pasted from Amazon).

“Hooked from the very first story! Loving it.”

“A rip snort’n good read.”

“I absolutely loved this collection of stories. Visionary, exciting, and full of adventure. I highly recommend it!”

“Creative, compelling and satisfying. Hard to put down, so I stayed up late and kept reading.”

“A blisteringly good collection.”

“Will read everything in this series I can get my hands on.”

“These stories are full of great, complex characters (not all of them human), twists and turns, and fantastic world-building.”

BEYOND THE STARS: Infinite Expanse includes these short stories:

* Precious Cargo (C.H. Hung)
* Antecedent (R. A. Steffan)
* Chrysalis (G. S. Jennsen)
* Imperatrix, Redux (Nemma Wollenfang)
* Mirage and Shadow (R.K. Thorne)
* Coffin Rider (James Rossiter)
* Oresa (R.J. Howell)
* Malfunction (Jack Lyster)
* Enemy Within (J.M. Thomas)
* For Your Eyes Only (Ethan Freckleton)
* Terminal Candidate (David Bruns)

Eleven stunning new tales from well-known authors and fresh voices. This is the seventh in the prestigious BEYOND THE STARS space opera anthology series, and inside are intrigue and passion, aliens, battles, and a bit of intergalactic romance.

Join these authors who are exploring the… Infinite Expanse!

A huge thank you to Producer and Series Editor Patrice F for creating yet another marvellous volume, and for including my work in it. A big Happy Birthday too! (It’s today!) Thank you also to Editor Richard Leslie. Between them, they polished my little gem until it shone.

The gorgeous cover art is by triple Hugo Award-winning artist, Julie Dillon. Cover design by Kendall Roderick.

For the first week of release only, it’ll be available for the low price of $0.99.

I’m so very proud to be part of this book!

Amazon links here: US and UK.