Yearly Summary 2018

Now is the time of year to log all of my literary achievements in a row, here’s all of the work I’ve had published in 2018.

1. ‘Solved’ in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Wonder of Christmas, October.
2. ‘GOD is in the Rain’ in Flame Tree’s Robots & AI Short Stories, September.
3. ‘Finding Jamie Fraser (Outlander Tour)’ on Just About Travel, September. 
4. POEM: ‘Imagine Dragons’ in FrostFire Worlds, August.
5. ‘Loving Rose’ in Dark Voices, July.
6. ‘Springheeled Jack: The Terror of London’ in Hidden Menagerie, Vol.1, April.
7. ‘Call of the Kinguyakkii’ in Beyond Steampunk, April.
8. ‘Endless Nuptials’ in VRWG Anthology: Beneath the Blue Bridge, April.
9. ‘Curiosus Cattus’ in VRWG Anthology: Beneath the Blue Bridge, April.

In addition, my novel-in-progress, Clockwork Evangeline, reached 6th Place in the Ink & Insights Awards this year and was once again selected as a Judges’ Favorite.

I sincerely wish you all a wonderful 2019, and I hope you manage to get that one step closer to – if not outright reach – your goals. You all deserve to achieve your dreams.