April 2018

First Short Story Acceptance of the year! (And it’s pro-pay!)

My story, GOD is in the Rain, is going to appear in one of Flame Tree Publishing’s new anthologies, Robots & AI! I’m absolutely thrilled! 😀 The story is about a form of nanotechnology that runs rampant across the world, rewriting personalities, and it previously appeared in a Bleak New World by Raven International Publishing. The cover art Flame Tree has designed is absolutely gorgeous, as usual.

Photo credit: Flame Tree Publishing

Beyond Steampunk is also officially out in ebook and print. It contains my little story ‘Call of the Kinguyakkii’, which is a kind of Inuit based fantasy involving the Northern Lights, along with a number of other splendid tales. The Hidden Menagerie Volumes have also been released this month, one of which contains my dark little historical tale, ‘Spingheeled Jack: The Terror of London’.

Photo credit: Vale Royal Writers’ Group

And finally, the Vale Royal Writers Group have released their newest anthology, ‘Beneath the Blue Bridge’, which includes 2 of my stories, ‘Endless Nuptials’ and ‘Curiosus Cattus’ (which won the Northwich LitFest Short Story Competition 2017), along with a whole array of incredible poems and shorts. It’s a pleasure to be involved with, and to be sharing the pages with, a group of such talented people.